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J&A USA began its operation in year 1996 with commitment to manufacture quality Pedicure Spas combined synergistically with quality after-sales techni­cal support.  This commitment to quality has catapulted J&A to the forefront of the spa industry as being an innovative, creative, and caring company.  J&A has commensurately made a commitment to safeguard the safety of its Pedicure Spas so much so that when the safe Pipe Less Whirlpool first became available, J&A was one of the first Pedicure Spa manufacturers to incorporate this technology into pedi­cure spa designs.  It has been a personal commitment by the founder of J&A to ensure that quality workmanship, quality after-sales support, and safety are incorporated into every one of J&A’s Pedicure Spas.  The collateral benefit of this commitment to excellence has been the UL Certification on each and every J&A’s Pedicure Spas. 


The timeless J&A’s Pedicure Spas, such as Episode, Petra, Toepia, Cleo, and Lenox have adorned the land­scape of the pedicure spa industry throughout the U.S. as well as internationally.  Some have appeared in “com­mercial” as a backdrop—a testimony of their esthetics.